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Air Control Valve-JSC-Metric Size G Thread

Artículo No.: JSC4-G02/JSC6-G03/JSC8-G04/JSC10-G03
Metric Tube with G Thread O-Ring
Air controller
Pneumatic control valve
automatic equipment accessory
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ㆍAccurate regulation of an optimal airflow rate for precise motion control.
ㆍCompact and space-saving configuration provides a functionally wide range of airflow rates.
ㆍAvailable in control method type for metering of unidirectional airflow either entering into or exhausting out of a driving device.
Speed controller JSC FLOW


Applicable Fluid Type Air, Water(No Drinking Water)  
Working Pressure Range -14~150 PSI -0.99~9.9Kgf/m?('-99~990Kpa)
Negative Pressure -29.5 in Hg(-14PSI) -750mmHg(-750Torr)
Working Temperature Range 23~140℉ (Air) 32~104℉ (Water) -5~60℃ (Air) 0~40℃ (Water)
Recommanded Tubings PA11, PA12, PA6, PE, PU,FEP,PFA

JSC Air Control Valve; Metric tube size with G thread size

Item Code Tube Size(mm) Thread(G)
JSC4-G01 4 G1/8
JSC4-G02 4 G1/4
JSC6-G01 6 G1/8
JSC6-G02 6 G1/4
JSC6-G03 6 G3/8
JSC6-G04 6 G1/2
JSC8-G01 8 G1/8
JSC8-G02 8 G1/4
JSC8-G03 8 G3/8
JSC8-G04 8 G1/2
JSC10-G01 10 G1/8
JSC10-G02 10 G1/4
JSC10-G03 10 G3/8
JSC10-G04 10 G1/2
JSC12-G02 12 G1/4
JSC12-G03 12 G3/8
JSC12-G04 12 G1/2